Gardening Services

We pride ourselves on working with some of the leading brand property managers throughout the UK on multiple developments. Avalon is the gardening company of choice over and over again for these agents, and we have a wide array of developments in our portfolio to testify to this.

Grounds Maintenance

At Avalon, we offer regular and reliable general grounds maintenance to a variety of industries and commercial clients. We ensure that an aesthetically pleasing, tidy, and safe environment is maintained, ensuring your clients happiness and wellbeing.

Block & Estate Gardening Services

For over 10 years, we have been servicing and maintaining the grounds, gardens, courtyards and indoor plants of apartment blocks and estates nationwide.


Our specialist landscaping teams work with small, independent businesses, as well as larger, well-known chains and brands, to achieve a visually pleasing aesthetic for all to enjoy.

Planting & Tree Services

At Avalon, we have a real passion for plants and trees. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure they flourish and thrive.

Lawn Care & Management

We are lawn care specialists and are happy to provide advice as well as lawn maintenance services on a bespoke basis to ensure your lawns are looking their very best – verdant and healthy.

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